Parkway United Church of Christ is the current steward of beautiful land and buildings located at 1465 Irving Street, Winston Salem, NC 27103.  The congregation wishes to share what has been entrusted to us by others, with the larger community. 

 The grounds are one of the last privately held accessible wooded areas in Ardmore and are open to individuals to use during daylight hours. Sit and relax in one of the many meditative spots. Learn about urban Permaculture using the self-guided tour. Children will enjoy the small playground and basketball goal.

 If you are interested in using our facilities, please review the following Building Use Agreement.



     Parkway United Church of Christ

        1465 Irving Street, Winston Salem NC 27103



A $ 100 deposit is required at the time of reserving the space.  If the deposit is not received, the space will not be reserved.  The deposit will be returned pending proper care of the building.

Full payment is due one week prior to the event.

The divider in the fellowship hall is sensitive to improper use and will be either open or closed as required.  PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MOVE THE DIVIDER.  IF YOU DAMAGE IT, YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYING FOR ITS REPAIR

Fellowship Hall – up to 4 hours of use $    150.00

    All day $    200.00

Weddings -36 hr reserved accessibility $ 1,500.00

                 -14 hr reserved accessibility $ 1,000.00

Kitchen $    100.00

Sanctuary $    125.00

Audio Equipment $    100.00

Technician (if needed) $      60.00

Clean up fee $    100.00


  1.  In the event of a building/equipment emergency please call building manager, Marlin Yoder at 434-770-4149 (or Grant Wright 765-2182).

  2. The building manager will program the thermostats for your event provided that you have paid and made final arrangements with us the week before your event.

  3. The building manager will ensure the divider is in the appropriate setting for your event. 

  4. Full size HDMI connector is provided.  

  5. Provide internet connectivity with guest password for users.

  6.   Need description of the sound, AV, screen, owl equipment available inserted

  7. If an equipment technician is required to set up and operate the internet/media equipment then there is an extra fee.

  8. The kitchen contains a stove/oven, microwave, refrigerator, warming cabinet, commercial coffee station, hot tea pot.

Parkway UCC will NOT:

  1. Clear the parking lot of snow.

  2. Will not provide any other media links outside of #4 above.

  3. Be responsible for any loss of property belonging to members of the group or for any injuries that occur on church property.


  1. Clear all advertisements with the church office.  All public advertisements (including signs) should state the organization’s sponsorship, mentioning PUCC only as a location.

  2. After your payment for use has been received, PUCC will provide the information you will need in order to be admitted.

  3. Arrange the tables and chairs according to your needs, but return furniture to original positions.  

  4. Clean up all areas you use and carry trash to bins outside the back door.  Cleaning supplies are located under the kitchen sink.  Vacuum cleaner in the hall furnace room.

  5. You are responsible for any arrangements made with a caterer or rental company, etc. before and after your event.  This includes meeting them at the church etc.

  6. Bring all supplies for serving food and beverages.  Remove all leftover food and beverages.

  7. Smoking is not permitted in the building.

  8. Users are welcome to use decorations, but they must be completely removed without any marks left.  NO nails may be hammered into the walls.

  9. Contact PUCC in case of damage to the facility or equipment.  Do not attempt repair or replacement.

  10. Secure the building after use.  Check all windows and outside doors and make sure they are locked.  Close both front doors and pull to make sure they are locked up leaving.


In the unlikely event that a member of Parkway United Church of Christ (“Parkway”) passes away, Parkway’s facilities may need to be used for funeral or memorial services which coincide with another planned use for Parkway’s facilities.  Such funeral or memorial services will preempt all other planned activities at Parkway’s facilities.  Parkway’s sole obligation under this agreement is the refund of the fee paid for the use of Parkway’s facilities, and Parkway shall in no way be held responsible for incidental or consequential losses in any way connected with the loss of use of Parkway’s facilities.  This agreement should in no way whatsoever be taken or construed as a guarantee, warranty or any other type of coverage.

Please fill out the Building Use Agreement Form and mail/return to:

Parkway United church of Christ

1465 Irving St.

Winston- Salem NC 27103

Attn:  Building Use Agreement

Parkway UCC

Office & Hours
(336) 723-1395
Tuesay, Thursday, Friday



Worship: 11am Sunday

1465 Irving Street
Winston-Salem NC  27103

Parkway UCC

Office & Hours
(336) 723-1395
Tuesay, Thursday, Friday



Worship: 11am Sunday

1465 Irving Street
Winston-Salem NC  27103