Parkway United Church of Christ is an Open and Affirming congregation within the United Church of Christ. We believe that all people are created in God’s image and thus are blessed and loved equally. In this spirit, we welcome all people, including those of every race, spiritual tradition, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression into the full life and ministry of the church.

Through God’s Spirit…

We long in worship and study to be fed by the best of our spiritual tradition, while reimagining or setting aside those elements leading to oppression and isolation;

​We seek to broaden our understandings about prayer and spiritual practice that promote rest  and joy and are embodied, ecologically-centered, and honor cultural diversity;

We seek to listen deeply…

We are aware our community is mostly of people 55 and older.  We focus on seeing the strengths of this demographic. Much of our ministry is centered on the role and tasks of spiritual and relational eldering;

 We create small groups for spiritual practice, support, and circles of trust as the center of our community life and want to offer similar opportunities for those in the wider community;

We grow our ability to face change and transform conflict;

Build community…

We open our facility and land, to the extent of our capacity, to partner organizations and movements for community-building and meaning-making;

We move from our great strength of relationships with one another to sending one another forth into the world for service, love, and justice.  We are a recharge station for all the community engagement our community members are already doing;

We seek relationship with neighbors, increasing our visibility through relationships, signage, and digital updates;

Work for justice…

We integrate our community-building and spiritual growth with a desire to partner with local organizations seeking repair, mercy, and justice;

We have commitments to anti-racism work, support persons with mental illness, climate justice, broad-based organizing, and healing our democracy. We see these as integrated under the single theme of Seeking Wholeness working for each commitment to support the others.

Craig Schaub


Michelle Johnson

Assistant Minister for Spiritual Wellness and Formation


Blaine McNeil

Music Director


Ann M. Craft

Admin. Assistant


Parkway UCC

Office & Hours
(336) 723-1395
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday



Worship: 11am Sunday

1465 Irving Street
Winston-Salem NC  27103